Feinstein, J.E.

Down Time (2004)


Meet Aurelian Pflum, temporal taxi driver and tour guide and his assistant, graduate student Jack Laterus. His "Transitory Time Transport" or "Transit" for short is far from the newest on the block and, in fact, is the only such certified temporal conveyance made from salvaged junkyard parts. The polite refer to its operation as eccentric, but when two tourists disappear from a tour to Paris in 1927, two who turn out to be wanted by the FBI, Only Pflum's transit can track them down and bring them to justice... assuming it doesn't get lost along the way.

This is the very first book in the Down Time, Ltd. series. The entire series is intended to be SciFi Comedy.


Down Time, Ltd. series: 1. Down Time, 2. Taking Time, 3. Time Out, 4. Show Time!, 5. Double Time


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