Dumas, Alexandre

The Count of Monte Cristo (1845)


Recently promoted to Captain, Edmond Dantes, returns to Marseille eager to marry his fiancee Mercedes. But instead he is sent to prison on a false accusation. He escapes and makes his way to the island of Monte Cristo, where he finds the treasure. Nine years after his return to Marseille, Dantes puts into action his plan for revenge as the Count of Monte Cristo, a mysterious, fabulously rich aristocrat.

The story takes place in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean and the Levant during the historical events of 1815 - 1838 (from just before the Hundred Days through to the reign of Louis-Philippe of France). The historical setting is a fundamental element of the book. It is primarily concerned with themes of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy, forgiveness and death, and is told in the style of an adventure story.

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