Leblanc, Maurice

The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar (1910)


Arsene Lupin an utopic fighter of the industrial era, stealing from the rich, solving mysteries for the promise of a smile, playing with words and women. His remarks are always polite to women and vitriolic to the police that pursue him. Never vilent, he manages to escape all dangers with a smile.

A contemporary of Arthur Conan Doyle, Maurice Leblanc has created the character of gentleman thief Arsene Lupin who, in France, has enjoyed a popularity as long-lasting and considerable as Sherlock Holmes in the English-speaking world.

Sherlock Holmes and Lupin actually meet, briefly in this first volume, and more substantially in the next. But after legal objections from Conan Doyle, the name was changed to "Herlock Sholmes."

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