Feinstein, J.E.

The Pirates of Pangaea: The Unscheduled Mission (2010)


In the first book of this series, An Accidental Alliance, our heroes, a carefully selected group of specialists from the late Twenty-first Century, come out of stasis to find themselves in an exotic world, which just happens to be Earth. However, it is not the Earth they remember because it turned out two hundred fifty million years have passed. While they were “out of the loop” time, evolution and the collection of species all calling themselves “Humans” moved on, so while at first they thought they were alone in the world, they soon learned they shared Earth with two other sapient species and that their planet was a quarantined, backwater world.

At the end of the last book, Earth had finally established itself as a free and independent world in the galaxy. So, what’s next? Read on.


The Pirates of Pangaea series: 1. An Accidental Alliance, 2. The Unscheduled Mission


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