Haynes, Mark S.

Liberty Call (1991)


"Liberty Call" is a non-fiction book, written by Mark S. Haynes, formerly of the United States Navy. Liberty Call is written as a first person narrative of the author's experiences while on his first deployment overseas aboard the USS Fox, CG-33.

Before the Persian Gulf war, the United States and Iraq were allies. Iraq, at the time, was involved in a war with Iran. Iran was attempting to disrupt the free flow of oil out of Kuwait, a small country at the northeastern tip of the Persian Gulf.

During the summer of 1987, Iraqi warplanes "accidentally" fired upon the USS Stark, one of our ships patrolling the Persian Gulf. Many lives were lost, and the United States suddenly found itself in a very difficult position. How to protect our interests in the region against not only our enemies, but our supposed allies as well.


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