Mezcal, Moxie

Concrete Underground (2010)


An idealistic journalist sets out to expose corruption among the city's elite and soon finds himself immersed in a conspiracy of murder, blackmail, espionage, and human trafficking. Pitted against the enigmatic CEO of one of the world's largest tech companies, he must play a deadly game threatens to unearth its players' darkest secrets.

CONCRETE UNDERGROUND is postmodern pulp fiction - a gritty, labyrinthine murder mystery about identity and alienation in the digital age.


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Robert (Tue Dec 28, 2010 18:17)

An amazing book from the beginning till the end. I will have to re-read it again because of all those small details I missed the first time and it left me wondering how it all really was at the end. Expect to be hooked right from the beginning, it's great novel.