Taggart, Marion Ames

Winnetou, the Apache Knight (1898)


Young greenhorn Jack Hildreth, later called Old Shatterhand, works as a railroad surveyor for Atlantic and Pacific Company. He soon learns that the track is beeing built on Indian territory illegaly. Visit of Intschu tschuna (Apache Headchief), young Winnetou (his son) and Klekih-petra (white father) who came to friendly advise them to stop the railroad construction ends up in shootout during which Klekih-petra is killed by a bandit.

After initial dramatic events, a true friendship between Old Shatterhand and the Apache Winnetou arises, on many occasions they give proof of great fighting skill but also of compassion for other human beings. It portrays a belief in an innate "goodness" of mankind, albeit constantly threatened by ill-intentioned enemies.

Book is an unauthorized translation of Karl May's novel "Winnetou I". The text was heavily abridged and edited by the translator. One major change is that Old Shatterhand's real name is Jack Hildreth instead of Charley, i.e. implicitly Karl May. Nevertheless we hope that this text will provide some insight into Karl May's books to non-German speaking readers. --The Karl-May-Gesellschaft

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