Dakan, Rick

Geek Mafia: Mile Zero (2007)


Key West-southernmost point in the United States, Mile Zero on Highway 1 - and as far as you can run away from your past troubles without swimming to Cuba. Key West-originally Cayo Huesos or Isle of Bones, for centuries a refuge for pirates, wreckers, writers, scoundrels, drunks, and tourists. Now home to a Crew of techno geek con artists who've turned it into their own private hunting ground.

Paul and Chloe have the run of the sun-drenched island, free to play and scam far from the enemies they left behind in Silicon Valley. But that doesn't mean they can't bring a little high tech know how to the paradise. They and their new Crew have covered the island with their own private Big Brother style network-hidden cameras, RFID sensors, and a web of informers that tip them off about every crime committed and tourist trapped on the island. But will all the gadgets and games be enough when not one but three rival crews of con artists come to hold a top-secret gang summit? And when one of them is murdered, who will solve the crime?


Geek Mafia series: 1. Geek Mafia, 2. Geek Mafia: Mile Zero, 3. Geek Mafia: Black Hat Blues


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