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Pak, Greg - Silva, R. B.

Vision Machine (2010)

In the year 2061, Sprout Computers releases the iEye, a pair of glasses that allow you to effortlessly record, edit, and add special effects to anything you see -- and instantly share it with the world. It's all of the insane potential of digital media and social networking at the speed of thought, and three film grads named BUDDY, DAVE, and JANE have embraced the new dream. But now the other shoe's about to drop ... ... (more)

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19-02-2015: 1 comic book was uploaded: Vision Machine by Greg Pak and R.B. Silva.

08-09-2015: 1 comic book was uploaded: Pepper & Carrot by David Revoy.

11-04-2015: 1 comic book was uploaded: Erfworld: Love is a Battlefield by Rob Balder and Xin Ye.

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